Many climbers are familiar with the questions faced when climbing a long multi-pitch route. Do I take the guidebook along or is it just too bulky and too heavy? Should I try to find a copy machine and make all the copies of the approach, the climb and the descent? What if the copies get soaked or blow away in the wind... again? Is it possible to remember the entire route and the descent, or is the potential to get lost too great or too dangerous? The GearLoopTopo concept was born from this need and provided answers to all these questions.

We started making primitive GearLoopTopos for our own multi-pitch climbing trips. When other climbers noticed our homemade GearLoopTopos we always received positive feedback, and many wanted to know if the topos were available for sale. We asked ourselves if it was possible to share our practical solution with other climbers, and provide the convenience of the GearLoopTopos to a broader climbing community. We discussed our idea with many fellow climbers and several owners and managers of climbing shops. After receiving an enthusiastic response, we decided to go for it and we created the official GearLoopTopo.

The first climbing area where our topos will be introduced is Red Rocks near Las Vegas, Nevada. We have documented a comprehensive list of the best multi-pitch climbs (over 30 routes) in the area. We are very thankful to our friends at Petzl and the local climbing shop in Las Vegas (Desert Rocks Sport), who have helped us launch our product by selling GearLoopTopos in their store.

We work very hard to ensure that you will have the best possible topos with consistent and accurate information. We climb every single route; taking photographs and drawing accurate topos, measuring pitch lengths and providing all the options you need to make your climb more efficient and more enjoyable. We are continuously trying to improve our topos by adding new features, updating the routes regularly, and listening to climbers who use them. This is the only way we can provide you with the best possible product.

We hope that the information on makes it easier for you when planning your next climbing trip, and that you enjoy climbing with our GearLoopTopos. Have fun and climb safe!

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